About Lisa

A woman standing behind a craft show booth display of cards and artwork

This little card business is my heart and soul, and this is me at my first big craft show - The 2012 Christmas Festival in Boston, MA.

Bumblejack is my heart and soul because it's a mash-up of all my favorite things: words, drawing, painting, animals, - particularly bees and ravens, my family (Jack is my boy) wearing my heart on my sleeve, and of course, greeting cards.

I've been drawing and writing as far back as I can remember. My first masterpiece was in lipstick on my mom's best bedsheets, but I've since graduated to paper and canvas. The first things I think I ever made in finished form were greeting cards with my mom being the primary recipient, and I'm pretty sure she still has every last one of them. 

I never really thought that seriously about what cards meant to me until I started diving back into my art when my son would take his naps as a toddler. That was back in 2009, and while over the years I've grown my work to include custom illustrations, large-scale paintings, children's books and a blog, I still always come back to the cards. 

For me, greeting cards are all about connection - Deepening and strengthening our relationships with the words that need to be spoken, or our sincerest thoughts, well wishes, support, hope, good news, and sometimes not so good news, but always coming from a place of putting ourselves out there in our unique way.  On the surface, it's a piece of card stock with some printing on it, or art in the form of a card. That often is enough. Synchronicities happen when we think of others, and somehow, the right cards always find their way to the people that need them most.

When you choose the card, or add your own words or mark to it, the magic medicine is exponential once that card lands in the hands of the recipient. The cards' value becomes real when the sender applies intent. So yes. They are little $6 pieces of paper with illustrations, or fine art, but their value in the sending and receiving is so much more than that.

We're all so scattered around the world, faces in our phones. Busy. A little stressed, and continually balancing a million things. These greeting cards - whether they're intended as a gift, as part of a gift, or are holding a gift ($$$! Yay!) are small but mighty, and powerfully healing in their delivery. These little treasures help you let them know they're worth taking a minute out of your day to hold space for whatever is going on for them, or to let them know they matter, they are valued, cared about, and they are in your mind and heart. 

Fast-forward to 2021, when I decided to go all in from self-printing my cards to professional printing, I also decided to sell not just on ETSY and my website, but in stores, by wholesale, and here in my branded online shop (sorry, by choice, no longer on Amazon). Since then, I've been building and refining my catalog of greeting cards ever since. 

I do hope you love them as much as I did making them, and that you find the perfect one that does the trick - that perfect one that reminds you of them, or them of you, and the perfect one that helps you send out a bit of your heart to safely reach theirs.

With all my heart,

Lisa Grablovic Coriell