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Birthday Card Blank Inside Raven Crow with a Party Hat

Birthday Card Blank Inside Raven Crow with a Party Hat

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Alright, you know it isn't like you to send a boring card, so now's not the time to phone it in --Especially when it's their birthday and you can give them...THIS.

A little weird! A little ridiculous! Some squished cake! And who wouldn't want a boisterous little corvid in a party hat for their birthday? I know I would, which is why I leave them lunchmeat on the curb when the neighbors aren't looking, but I digress...

So in lieu of owning my own, I drew and painted this myself - Hence the "handmade." So if Poe, or crows, or ravens, or grackles, bats or vultures, or maybe an Eagle Harpy or two and some slightly-off humor is your jam, then click on through because this card delivers, and they will remember you for it.... Just think: You can be the very one to give them a card that will make them snort frosting on their birthday! Oh yes you can... And even if they are one of those quiet types who doesn't snort when they laugh, at least you might get them to smile long enough to forget (or remember) for a moment that they're another year older. And like I said: It really isnt like you to give a cookie cutter card. Unless it also has a unicorn or disco ball on it...In which case, tough call. You know what to do.

Shipped via USPS with minimal packaging and plastic-free wherever possible.

Printed by a carbon neutral print house, with coordinating eco-conciously made envelope.

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